Mandarin at Callerton Academy allows students to develop a greater understanding of the Chinese culture and language.


The KS3 curriculum is designed to give every pupil the opportunity to understand that success is achievable by all students. 

Pupils use a variety of resources to improve their knowledge and skills in Mandarin, catering for all learning styles. It is our aim to support and challenge pupils of all abilities, using differentiated activities, resources and success criteria.


At KS3 there is a greater focus on developing students knowledge on the Chinese culture. This is done by studying the history, politics, art, sport, media, cuisine and geography. Alongside this, students are introduced to Chinese radicals and character structure. 

All pupils are taught how to communicate with each other during lessons and are encouraged to practise this in every lesson.


Pupils make significant progress at KS3.  This provides the opportunity for greater exposure to the language and allows pupils to practise the language more regularly. 

The teaching of grammatical structures allows pupils to understand how to manipulate language for their own purposes, encouraging independent, enquiring linguists. 

Mandarin Overview