Curriculum Aim

Pupils at Callerton Academy will receive a broad and ambitious drama curriculum that will give them the confidence, skills and knowledge to help them access, take part in and develop a love for the performing arts and theatre.

Highlights of our KS3 curriculum

Some of the highlights our students will experience in Music in Year 7 to 9 are:

  • Pupils will learn how to build up their confidence to be able to speak and perform in front of a live audience. This essential skill can be daunting for some, but the secret is to have fun with it! We will learn how to perform in a wide range of styles from ancient Greek Theatre and Sophocles to more modern plays like DNA by Dennis Kelly.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to watch live theatre and make the most of our city centre location. In December all Year 7 and 8 pupils will go to the Tyne Theatre and Year 9 pupils to Northern Stage to experience a professional production. Pupils will then learn how to create their own theatre in their drama lessons based on the shows they have watched.
  • All pupils will have the experience of working with New Writing North who will help them to write and create their own pieces of theatre. In these workshops pupils will work with professional directors, writers and actors who will come into school and teach us what life is like working in the Performing Arts.

Highlights of our KS4 curriculum

Some of the highlights our students will experience in Music in Year 10 and 11 are:

  • All pupils will develop their performance skills and learn how to act in a variety of different styles. They will look at naturalistic acting, like you see in films and television, to the more absurd and creative styles you get with some styles of theatre which are designed more to get audiences thinking.
  • Pupils will learn about all the technical aspects of theatre from learning how to direct other actors, designing costumes and makeup, building props and creating exciting lighting and sound designs.
  • We will go to watch a variety of different theatre performances, using our city centre venue to full advantage. As a department we will keep an eye on the programmes and also be taking suggestions from pupils on the shows that they would like to watch. This will help pupils to see how all the skills they learn in lessons can be applied in a professional context.

 Extracurricular opportunities

There is a drama club as a 7UP option for pupils that appears throughout the year. In this club pupils will have the opportunity to develop their drama skills, learn how to use the lighting system, create and design props and costumes, and take part in performances in front of live audiences.

We also do a lot of work with New Writing North so pupils will have the opportunity to work with professional actors, writers and directors.

Where can drama take me in the future?

Did you know that the creative industries in the UK provide more money to the economy than areospace, life sciences and car industries combined?! This means that there are lots of jobs and opportunities in the performing arts industry, besides just being an actor! Drama will be a great starting point for any budding writers, designers and technicians as well!

The wider skills you get from drama are essential to succeeding in the world of work outside of education. Whether it is being able to speak confidently in an interview, address a room full of people or be able to think creatively and outside of the box, drama is a subject that will help in lots of ways you would not necessarily expect.

Please take the time to read our curriculum overview, assessment and feedback information and learning journeys for each topic.