Our careers and progression programme aims to provide opportunities for our students to be able to leave Callerton Academy prepared for their next steps in life. Whether this be going onto further education, an apprenticeship or another training opportunity, our programme enables students to develop relevant skills, build their confidence and feel on track to be able to follow their intended career path.

We use our PSHE lessons to help students think carefully about the skills and attitudes they need to develop in order to be successful in a future career. Moreover, we spend time trying to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes so that no child feels excluded from a career path they may wish to follow. Similarly, in each subject it is focused on raising aspirations and understanding the skills, knowledge and understanding they are developing and how this might be relevant for the future. We have thought carefully about the opportunities we include in each subject so that students are able to engage with professionals from the world of work and visit places of work.

We believe that Year 9 is an especially important year for students. Therefore, we have a dedicated weekly period which focuses solely on helping students think about their future and be exposed to as many careers as possible. During this year, we have a full programme of guest speakers from a plethora of careers and workplaces, coupled with visits to local sixth form providers and colleges so that our students can be as informed as possible. We know that Year 9 is key, especially as our students will be selecting their GCSE options and we want to try and help them to select the right courses which will put them on the right track for their future ambitions. We continue our work from Year 9 into Year 10 and Year 11, including providing students with the opportunity to have an interview with a trained careers advisor and have a week of work experience. This means that by Year 11, when we support students with selecting where they wish to study after Callerton Academy, they have a vast range of experiences and knowledge to draw upon. Should students achieve the grades and wish to continue within the Gosforth Group for post-16 study they will be able to do so.

We measure the impact and access to careers provision throughout the year, as well as at the end of the year as part of the school's work on the School Development Plan. We work closely with our Teaching and Learning Leads to audit the opportunities for careers education in subjects, as well as use student voice to measure student experience and the impact of our provision. The school also produces a termly Compass audit which allows the school to measure progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks. As the school continues to grow, further approaches will be used to measure the school's careers provision.

Our Careers Lead is Jess Davidson.

For question or enquiries, please contact with Careers in the subject box.

If you have any general questions or would like to contact us about our curriculum, please email us at or call us on 0191 605 3835.

This page was updated October 2023.