At Callerton Academy, we recognise that smooth transition between primary feeder schools and our school is essential for all students, particularly those with Special Educational Needs. The aim of this protocol is to set out how transition will be managed for students with SEND in order for them to look forward to starting secondary school, settle quickly at Callerton Academy and flourish both academically and pastorally in a new phase of their education. We believe that for transition to be effective, it should begin in the September before your child has started at the school and should be a process that lasts a full year.

If you are considering applying for a place for your child to start their secondary education at Callerton Academy, do:

Look at the school website, under the ‘Home’ tab, where you will find the School Prospectus, a Parent Handbook (look in ‘School Information’) and statutory polices, including SEND and Accessibility. Additionally, the tab ‘About the Academy’ will allow you to view the school’s admissions process (which is co-ordinated by Newcastle City Council) as well as the school’s ethos and values. You will also find helpful information about transition.

Attend the prospective parents’ evening in September, where you will have a tour of the school and will meet school staff, including the SENDCO. During this evening, you will have the opportunity to receive a Frequently Asked Questions booklet on SEND provision at Callerton Academy.  


Once you have applied for and received a place at Callerton Academy, the following will happen:

Staff at Callerton Academy (this will be a member of the SEND team) will visit primary feeder schools during the summer term (from April) and meet with the SENDCO and Year 6 teachers. During this visit, staff will build a clear picture of your child’s needs and an overview of how best to support your child in school. This could be a reading intervention or accessibility arrangements such as a toilet pass (for which we will need a medical note). Please note that access  arrangements will not include school uniform, which all students, at Callerton Academy will be expected to wear. The uniform is designed to be simple, comfortable (no ties or formal shirts) and easy to wear. In addition, staff from Callerton will meet with your child in their primary school setting. This will allow your child to have a familiar face during their early weeks at Callerton Academy.

Your child will have the opportunity to visit the school in July (all day) to meet staff and find out more about life at Callerton Academy. If we feel it is necessary for your child to have additional transition visits to the school before July we will provide you with a choice of three dates in June, on a Wednesday or Thursday from 2.50pm, where you and your child can visit the school together and meet staff and students.

The SENDCO and members of the SEND team will use information from the primary feeder schools to put together a ‘Pupil Profile’ for your child. This will include their SEND area of need and may include the interventions they will access. It will also include your child’s likes, what they find difficult and how they will be supported in the classroom and/or during social times. Additionally, where appropriate, their profile will also include their targets for each term, which will be reviewed three times a year with you and a member of the SEND team.

The SENDCO will share information about your child to staff in July in order for them to be fully prepared to welcome them to Callerton Academy. During the staff-training day in September, staff will also receive updated information on all SEND students, including relevant training where necessary.


Once your child has started at Callerton Academy:

You will be sent a short questionnaire (at the end of September) to ask for your views on how we have managed the transition process for you and your child. The aim of this is to highlight strengths and any areas we need to improve so that the transition process is as robust as possible

You will have the opportunity to attend a parents’ evening early in the term to see how well your child has settled at the school.