Ethos & Values

School Ethos & Values

Create Your Future

Our principal aim is to encourage high expectations and high standards of achievement, both academic and personal. ‘Create your future’ reflects this aim: to educate, support and nurture all our students so they can achieve their potential and fulfil their aspirations. 

Our values embrace honesty, trust, reliability, creativity, respect for the legitimate rights of others, care for the vulnerable members of society, regard for the environment and kindness towards other people. 

We believe that a calm, friendly, disciplined atmosphere, in which hard work and co-operation are respected, is the best way to promote these values. 

We aim to: 
• Recognise and value each student (school or adult) as an individual with their particular abilities, needs and aspirations. 
• Offer learning experiences which extend students and promote their personal development, regardless of academic, social or cultural background. 
• Ensure a genuine equality of opportunity. 
• Build self-esteem and confidence through membership of a caring, secure community. 
• Celebrate the success and achievement of all students. 
• Offer guidance and counselling to assist students in the planning of their future education and careers. 
• Promote working partnerships between schools and the wider community at local, national and international levels. 
• Encourage a love of learning that will be with our students throughout their lives. 

Katie Innes