School Ethos & Values

Create Your Future

We believe that a calm, friendly, disciplined atmosphere, in which hard work and co-operation are respected, is the best way to promote these values.


We aim to:

• Recognise and value each student (school or adult) as an individual with his or her particular abilities, needs and aspirations.

• Offer learning experiences which extend students and promote their personal development, regardless of academic, social or cultural background.

• Ensure a genuine equality of opportunity.

• Build self-esteem and confidence through membership of a caring, secure community.

• Celebrate the success and achievement of all students.

• Offer guidance and counselling to assist students in the planning of their future education and careers.

• Promote working partnerships between schools and the wider community at local, national and international levels.

• Encourage a love of learning that will be with our students throughout their lives.

Katie Innes

Katie Innes