Key Stage 4 curriculum

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Our two-year Key Stage 4 curriculum builds upon the knowledge and skills our students acquire at Key Stage 3.

The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is broad and balanced and allows students to study a range of subjects.

All students study the following examination subjects:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE Science
  • GCSE Geography or GCSE History

Students also continue to have PE, PSHE and 7Up extracurricular/enrichment lessons.

A number of students will also continue with a language in either GCSE Mandarin or GCSE Spanish. This therefore provides students with the opportunity to meet the EBacc.

Students will then select either two further options or if not taking a language, three option subjects. Students have the option to take a second language or humanities subject.

We offer a range of option subjects, both GCSE and vocational courses. For students who may need additional support or may struggle with the transition to KS4, we offer a personal development option focused on developing life skills, literacy and numeracy. A key part of Year 9 is focused on providing students with the necessary support to help them choose the best options for them.

In designing this curriculum, we recognise the importance of preparing our students to become successful students, responsible citizens, and confident individuals. Our focus is always on quality first teaching and ensuring that our curriculum planning, assessment and feedback are well throughout. Teachers regularly review the curriculum to build on retrieval practice deepening student knowledge and skills.

Interwoven into our Key Stage 4 curriculum offer is a careers focus, where students can explore different careers in depth throughout the two years and make links between these careers and the GCSE subjects that they are studying. The curriculum is also supported by enrichment activities such as trips, visiting speakers and assemblies.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about our curriculum, please email us at or call us on 0191 605 3835.