School Uniform

At Callerton Academy, we pride ourselves on students being smart and ready to learn. Uniform allows all students to feel part of our community and it is important that we all follow simple uniform rules and have high expectations.

We expect students to come to school looking tidy and presentable.  Jewellery is restricted to a watch, a single flat ring worn on the finger and one pair of small plain stud earrings worn in separate ear lobes.  We reserve the right to confiscate, or insist that students remove, any item which contravenes these guidelines or which we deem to be a potential safety hazard.  Hair accessories should be plain black, navy or white and not excessive.  Religious headwear must be plain black, navy or white. Personal stereos must not be worn, nor should mobile phones be switched on or visible inside the building. Excessive makeup, false nails and nail varnish are not allowed. Hairstyles must not be extreme, avant-garde or an unnatural colour.  We reserve the right to determine what is a reasonable style or colour of hair and to insist that students with inappropriate hairstyles have them restyled or coloured, wear a suitable covering or remain in isolation in school until we consider their hair to be acceptable.  Hats, scarves, T-shirts, jeans, sportswear, boots or trainers of any colour must not be worn in school.

Uniform Requirements

Our day-to-day uniform requirements are outlined below:


  • School coat with CA logo
  • School skirt or trousers - students must wear either Banner Davenport or Trutex GPB black pleated skirts or Banner Greenwich or Trutex GTN trousers
  • Navy sweatshirt with CA school logo
  • Navy polo shirt with CA school logo
  • Black school shoes (not boots or trainers)


  • School coat with CA logo 
  • School trousers – students must wear either Trutex or Banner flat front or single pleat style plain black trousers
  • Navy sweatshirt with CA school logo
  • Navy polo shirt with CA school logo
  • Black school shoes (not boots or trainers)

*All students will have the school fleece or waterproof jacket as the only type allowed. Wearing a school coat on the journey to school is compulsory for all students following the October half term holiday and up to the February half term holiday. Non-uniform items such as fleeces or hoodies cannot be worn under school coats or over school sweatshirts.

Our PE kit requirements are outlined below:

  • At least one long sleeved item from CA Royal PE sweatshirt or CA contrast midlayer outdoor top (Outdoor & Winter/Spring lessons)
  • One CA Royal PE polo shirt (indoor and summer term lessons)
  • At least one item from CA navy shorts or navy CA tracksuit bottoms or navy CA sports leggings
  • Long navy football socks to be worn for outdoor games
  • White ankle sports socks to be worn for indoor and summer activities
  • Non marking training shoes (not leisure shoes)

Our uniform can be purchased from Michael Sehgal and Sons at


Callerton Academy