Celebrating more Star Readers

Date Published:
Thursday 17 February 2022
Star reader pic 2a
Our Star Reader article is written by Ellen 7A.
This half term we have read an amazing 777 books, overall on average we have all taken 5 passes quizzes. we have read another 13 million words, we have also all finished wonder!!
This half term star readers are :
Ivy for always having an excellent attitude to reading.
Fatima for always being so enthralled with her book, moments after arriving at registration, she is swept into another world.
Ciaran , it has been so encouraging to see Ciaran's positive attitude to reading and the joy he gets from succesful quizing.
Grace for being such an avid reader currently flying through books reading hundreds of pages a night.
Hayden for his outstanding and massively improved attitude to reading this half term.
Kellianne, statistically, Kellianne is our highest quizzer this half term passing 26 quizzes.