We Love Reading at Callerton Academy

Date Published:
Friday 09 December 2022

At Callerton, there are lots of things we do to improve our reading as we know it is very important for our future success.  

Firstly, we use a program called Accelerated Reader. This tracks how well we have understood our books. When we have finished reading a book, we take a quiz; 80% or more is a pass! We are rewarded stamps and move up a book level. We also get certificates and prizes when we have read a certain amount of words or passed a high number of quizzes. So far, I have read over 500,000 words and have passed 9 out of 9 quizzes.   

Another way we celebrate reading is through whole school reading every Thursday. The book Y7 are currently reading is called Wonder. This book is great because it teaches us to celebrate other people’s differences.  

We also get lots of rewards to celebrate our reading success. One example is Star Reader rewards. These are awarded every half term when one student is nominated by their tutor for their wonderful reading progress.  

We also have weekly reading competitions between the 4 tutor groups; my tutor group, 7C, has won three times this half term!

Written by Phoebe in Year 7

Reading at Callerton Academy
Reading at Callerton Academy