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Last updated: 25/11/2020

Q: If the school opens in 2021 in the temporary building, could my child in two years having started the school find themselves without secondary education if the problems and delays continue?

A: Once your child is offered a start for September 2021, their place is secure through to Year 11. 


Q: I believe as a parent there is an urgency to understand the timeline for the completion of the building once Secretary of State funding is agreed. It is difficult to make an informed choice about selecting the school without having an understanding of the timeline. I am very concerned that if my child is housed within the temporary accommodation up to year 11 then they would miss out on vital outdoor activities and educational amenities that other high schools in the area offer. What proposals do the Gosforth Group have in place to ensure all children do not miss out on educational and physical amenities offered by a fully built high school? 

A: Callerton Academy will open temporarily in a newly reconfigured school building in Newcastle’s Graingertown.    This existing school building is very well equipped and will be reconfigured to fully meet the requirements for Year 7s and Year 8s in readiness for opening next September 2021.   

This will be a temporary home for two years only. The project timeline shows that the brand-new permanent school will be completed in the north-west of the city on the existing Simonside Primary school site and adjacent land by September 2023.