In maths, we aim to enthuse and inspire learners and create confident individuals that share our passion for the subject.


We offer challenge to all pupils and teach them the skills and strategies to solve problems across different subjects and in real-life.  It is made clear to students that making mistakes is part of the learning process.  Perseverance is key to progression and we encourage students to reflect on their learning and ask questions to improve their understanding of maths, often through collaborative learning.


Subject teachers are passionate about their subject and use a variety of teaching strategies and methods to engage pupils.  Lessons are often practical with pupils split into pairs or groups and links made to how maths is relevant to real-life. Smartboard technology is regularly used to make maths lessons interactive and we use a variety of excellent websites to enhance learning.

Teachers have high expectations of every pupil and lessons are differentiated to provide appropriate challenge and support.  We use regular formative assessment and provide rigorous summative assessments to check the progress that pupils are making within lessons and across topics.  Tailored intervention sessions are put in place for individuals that require further assistance in their learning. 


Our pupils make excellent progress and reach a high level of attainment.  They become increasingly confident in the subject and are able to identify how to improve in the future.  We offer them the skills to tackle problems, build resillience and use trial and error to promote independence.