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Design Technology

Design Technology combines several disciplines and is broadly divided into two practical teaching areas of food technology and product design/workshop.


In Year 7, students work in smaller DT classes as pupils improve their practical skills, gaining confidence in the workshop.



The product design curriculum in KS3 is thorough in developing workshop skills including sawing, filing, sanding by hand and in providing opportunities to use the free-standing machines for drilling, sanding and cutting. Over the two years, pupils are involved in practical workshop activities that lead to improved use of all tools and techniques as they design products that can be made from plywood, softwood, acrylic and modelling foam. Pupils use knowledge gained through the use of various materials to explore techniques, to improve their skills and to create and analyse products. There is a continual emphasis on 3-D drawings for production and media, including the use of ICT, vacuum forming, and use of the plotter to improve presentation.

Callerton Academy 3


The DT curriculum will help pupils become more autonomous in their thinking and develop their problem-solving skills as individuals and members of a team. Pupils will be able to design imaginatively and will be able to express and explore their creative thinking and transforming it as reality. Pupils will be well prepared for the next stages of their education and the new changes to the curriculum at GCSE level.